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Abi L.G.A Postal Codes Cross River State | Abi Zip Code

What are the postal codes (zip code) for Abi L.G.A, Cross River State? The Zip code for all areas in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State has been updated in this post.

If you are here other than getting the Abi LGA postal code then you can learn something new by knowing some of the postal codes (zip codes) that one can use when it comes to postal services in the area of Abi Local Government in Cross River State, Nigeria.

I know you are eager to know what the postal code is but if you can take a deep breath and relax for a moment, i will explain in just some lines on what Postal Code which can also be called Zip code is all about.

According to Wikipedia, A postal code is a series of letters or digits or both, sometimes including spaces or punctuation, included in a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail. In February 2005, 117 of the 190 member countries of the Universal Postal Union had postal code systems.

Enough of those boring information, proceed below to see the list of postal codes for some areas in Abi LGA.

Abi L.G.A Zip Code (Postal Code)

The list of Zip codes for Abi L.G.A are as follows:


bba-Omega 543106
Abokolo 543106
Adadama 543106
Agarabe 543106
Akanefore 543106
Akeraja 543106
Akpoha 543106
Among-Ezeke 543106
Ebalabo 543106
Egberonyi 543106
Ekufe Kunta 543106
Ekuruku-Nta 543106
Ekurukube 543106
Ekweiekwu 543106
Eligene 543106
Emina 543106
Eminekpon 543106
Etani 543106
Ezeke-Emege 543106
Iboiebo 543106
Imikuo 543106
Imino 543106
Itigidi 543106
Letoner 543106
Mbaiebe 543106
Mbaleke 543106
Ngaraba 543106

Afoafaha 543103
Ajere-Beach 543103
Akugom 543103
Ekori 543103
Epenti-Beach 543103
Kemaniben 543103
Lekpankom 543103
Ntan 543103
Ofrekpe 543103
Okon-Obonogha 543103

Abegor 543101
Aneja II 543101
Ano-Ikpara 543101
Barbobom 543101
Bikobiko 543101
Egbezum 543101
Emenko 543101
Eno-Evong 543101
Enwetiti 543101
Funaria 543101
Ibenda I 543101
Leboikom 543101
Lekpankom 543101
Lower Igonigoni 543101
Mkpanghi 543101
Ntankpo 543101
Ugep 543101
Upper Ignoigoni 543101
Usumutong 543101
Yenon 543101

Afafanyi 543102
Anona 543102
Ediba 543102
Ensuokwe 543102
Enugwema 543102
Epenti 543102
Ezono 543102
Ofrekpe 543102

Aduma 543105
Agoi Ibomi 543105
Egbezum 543105
Idomi 543105
Ife Agoi 543105
Iyang-Mkpe 543105
Lekpankom 543105
Loseni 543105
Mkpani 543105
Nfakom 543105
Nsobo 543105
Otalosi 543105
Uden-Okota 543105

Assiga-Beach 543107
Assiga-New Town 543107
Assiga-Old-Town 543107
Ekepoli 543107
Ekunkuna 543107
Igbo Waterside 543107
Inyima 543107
Itakono 543107

A.D.C. Rubber 543104
Abanankpai 543104
Agoi Ekpo 543104
Agoi-Ekpo 543104
Ekamasai 543104
Ekom Agoi 543104
Elige 543104
Ephoho 543104
Lebong 543104
Lokpoi 543104
Mbono I – III 543104
Mpeni 543104
Nko 543104
Nko Rubber Estate 543104
Okomasi 543104
Okurika 543104

That’s all the postal code we have for Abi Local Government Area. If you have any question concerning the postal codes above, feel free to leave a comment below and i will be sure to reply your comments ASAP.


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