Can One Use NECO Result To Study Abroad? See Answer


Can i Use my NECO Result to study at any University or Institution Abroad? Is NECO Result Accepted Outside Nigeria or in other countries? This question is troubling a lot of students in Nigeria especially the ones who have the hope of going to another country to further they education.


We have decided to create an article to answer your question and put your mind at ease, but before that, lets get an understanding on what NECO result is all about.

NECO is an Acronym for National Examination Council. It is one of the examination body recognized in Nigeria for conducting Secondary School Final Examination. The Results offered after participating in NECO Examination is called NECO RESULT and it can be used to gain admission into Universities, Polytechnics or Colleges of Education. Now, lets answer the question of this discussion.

Can One Use NECO Result Abroad or Gain Admission Abroad With NECO Result?

There is no straight Yes or No for this question but the answer lies very close to the NO Side. However, Some People claim to be using or have seen somebody that used NECO Result outside the Country to gain admission into the University but the particular country in question was not mentioned.

But Generally, it is believed that NECO Result can only be used to gain admission in Nigeria as it is an Internal Examination unlike other ones.

My Advice is, try to get more information about the school you want to use it on and check if they accept it over there (Abroad).

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