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List of All Courses Offered In Ebonyi State College Of Education (COEIKWO)

What are the list of courses offered in Ebonyi State College Of Education (COE IKWO)? If COE IKWO courses is what you are interested in then am happy to inform you that the updated list of courses offered in COE IKWO has been published here.

Having given the above introduction on what this post is all about, this is to inform all those who wish to apply for admission in the Ebonyi State College Of Education (COE IKWO) that we have made a list of all COE IKWO courses or departments if you choose to identify it like that.

Why Know the List of All Courses offered in COE IKWO?

Before you apply for admission into Ebonyi State College Of Education (COE IKWO), you will first of all register JAMB and choose the school as your choice of institution. During that process, you must have had in mind the course you wish to study.

So, for you to apply for that course in JAMB, you need a list of courses offered in COE IKWO in order for you to cross check and see if that particular course you have in mind is been offered by the school after which you can go ahead and complete your JAMB registration.

List of Courses Offered In Ebonyi State College Of Education (COE IKWO)

Without wasting any more time, here are the list of courses offered in COE IKWO:

  • Agricultural Science

  • Biology / Chemistry

  • Biology / Geography

  • Biology / Integrated Science

  • Biology / Mathematics

  • Biology / Physics

  • Chemistry / Integrated Science

  • Chemistry / Mathematics

  • Chemistry / Physics

  • Christian Religious Studies / Computer Education

  • Christian Religious Studies / Economics

  • Christian Religious Studies / English

  • Christian Religious Studies / Geography

  • Christian Religious Studies / Maths

  • Christian Religious Stusies / Fine Arts

  • Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science

  • Christians Religion Studies / Igbo

  • Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies

  • Computer Education / English

  • Computer Education / Geography

  • Computer Education / Physics

  • Computer Education / Biology

  • Computer Education / Chemistry

  • Computer Education / Economics

  • Computer Science / Political Science

  • Computer Science / Fine And Applied Arts

  • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science

  • Computer Science Education / Mathematics

  • Economics / English

  • Economics / Geography

  • Economics / History

  • Economics / Igbo

  • Economics / Mathematics

  • Economics / Physics

  • Economics / Political Science

  • Economics / Social Studies

  • English / Geography

  • English / History

  • English / Igbo

  • English / Integrated Science

  • English / Mathematics

  • English / Political Science

  • English / Social Studies

  • English And Fine And Applied Arts

  • Fine And Applied Art

  • Geography / Political Science

  • Geography / Chemistry

  • Geography / History

  • Geography / Integrated Science

  • Geography / Mathematics

  • Geography / Physics

  • Geography / Social Studies

  • Goegraphy And Fine And Applied Arts

  • History / Political Science

  • History / Social Studies

  • History And Fine And Applied Arts

  • History / Igbo

  • Igbo / Computer Science

  • Igbo / Mathematics

  • Igbo / Social Studies

  • Igbo And Fine And Applied Arts

  • Integrated Science / Economics

  • Integrated Science / Mathematics Education

  • Integrated Science / Physics

  • Mathematics / Physics

  • Mathematics / Social Studies

  • Political Science / Fine And Applied Arts

  • Political Science / Mathematics

  • Political Science / Social Studies

  • Social Studies / Fine And Applied Arts

Thats all we have to offer you on the courses/departments in Ebonyi State College Of Education (COE IKWO); If you have any questions or comment, do make sure to leave it below and i will attend to it as soon as i can.


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