List Of All Science Courses In Nigerian Universities


Are you a science student and you want to study a science course in a Nigerian University?

Are you confused on the science course you want to apply for in the University?

Or Are you looking for the List of Science courses offered in Nigeria?

Many secondary school students after graduation from high school tends not to know the course they will apply for, especially when they don’t know the List of all Courses in Nigeria.

we have compiled the list of available Science courses that can be studies in Nigeria for students who wish to go into Science Professions.

The list that will be shown below is taken from different Universities in Nigeria that offer Science Courses and there may not be any University that offers all the Science Courses shown below.

Candidates who wish to apply for courses meant for Science students in Nigerian Institutions  are also required to check the subject requirements for the courses they wish to apply for and check whether they are good with those subjects required to study it.

See Jamb 2017/2018 Subject (Course) Combination For All Courses.

Are you an Art Student, See the List of Art Courses In Nigerian Universities.


The List of Science courses offered in Nigerian Universities are as follows:

1. Agriculture:

2. Agricultural Economics:

3. Agricultural Engineering:

4. Agricultural Extension:

5. Agronomy:

6. Anatomy:

7. Animal Production and Science:

8. Architecture:

9. Biochemistry:

10. Biological Sciences:

11. Botany:

12. Building:

13. Chemistry:

14. Civil Engineering:

15. Chemical Engineering:

16. Computer Engineering:

17. Computer Science:

18. Crop Production and Science:

19. Dentistry:

20. Electrical Engineering:

21. Electronic Engineering:

22. Estate Management:

23. Fisheries:

24. Food Science and Technology:

25. Forestry:

27. Geology:

28. Industrial Chemistry:

29. Mathematics:

30. Marine Engineering:

31. Mechanical Engineering:

32. Medical Laboratory Science:

33. Medical Rehabilitation:

34. Medicine and Surgery:

35. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering:

36. Microbiology:

37. Nursing:

38. Petroleum and Gas Engineering:

39. Pharmacy:

40. Physiology:

41. Physiotherapy:

42. Physics:

43. Production and Industrial Engineering:

44. Pure and Applied Mathematics:

45. Quantity Surveying:

46. Radiography:

47. Statistics:

48. Soil Science:

49. Structural Engineering:

50. Surveying and Geoinformatics:

51. Systems Engineering:

52. Urban and Regional Planning:

53. Veterinary Medicine:

54. Zoology:

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  1. Please english and chemistry in my waec is d7, then all my neco grades are C and D but 8 subject, then what should i do


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