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NYSC Relocation (Redeployment) – See Accepted Reasons For Redeployment

The Procedures to apply for NYSC Redeployment or Relocation and whether or not you will qualify for the Exemption should you apply to change your posting location is what we are going to cover in this article.

Do you feel like you are very uncomfortable with where you were posted for your NYSC Service? Do you want to Change the Location of your NYSC Service to another place? If your answer to those questions is Yes, then this article will be very useful to you as we are going to cover the acceptable reasons  for Redeployment or Relocation when it comes to the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).


Speaking of NYSC Redemption, What is it? According to an Online Dictionary, Redeployment is the assignment of troops, employees, or resources to a new place or task. In this regard, Redemption is the assignment of National Youth Service Corps members to a new place or location which in most cases is always a new state. or simply, Redeployment is a process involved in transferring a corp member from the state of deployment to another state which is presumably more comfortable for the Member.

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While a lot of people may want to apply for Relocation, it is however necessary to note that a lot of factors is put in place or considered before one will be able to work out his or her relocation letter successfully.

Out of the many NYSC Redeployment request every year, only few people are fortunate to have made it through for them to be posted to another State or location for service.

Note:Redeployment can only be started in the camp after the swearing in ceremony which can only be implemented only after the camp.

Factors Suitable For Redeployment of Corp Members

Below, we have listed out the exceptions or factors to have in mind before making the move to apply for Relocation.

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Marital Grounds

Our Number one guy in the list is Marital reasons.

How is Marital Grounds a Basis For Relocation?

If you have gone past the Single stage, i am very happy to tell you that NYSC has now made it possible for you to apply for redeployment. However, This privilege is only open to female corp members.

This is so because NYSC members redeploying on this basis are expected to redeploy to their husbands state of residence due to the believe that women would mostly be needed at home than their husbands. (Hey! Don’t Ask me why cos i don’t even know why they will say that.)

Required Documents For Redeployment of Marital Grounds

  • A formal letter directed to the director general of NYSC.
  • A Marriage certificate.
  • A change of name published in one of the national newspapers
  • A formal letter from the husband stating his state of residence.

Medical Reasons

Are you very sick and you feel like your life will be under threat should you move away from your state of Treatment? Do you also have the notion that staying close to your family members will help ease your sickness in any way?

If so, then you are eligible to apply to apply for NYSC Relocation but bear in mind that a medical report coming from an authentic hospital is required for this process and such report is deemed to pass a lot of inspection from he body to ensure its reliability.

Medical reports can only be accepted from recognized hospitals such as institution’s medical Centre or a recognized General Hospitals, Military/Police Hospital, Federal Medical Centre’s reports.

Security Basis

Do you feel that you have been posted to a state that will be a threat to your life due to lack of security? This is now a very serious concern in Nigeria especially since the advent of Boko Haram in most northern states of Nigeria and the brutal religious killing in most of these areas. Those that was posted to any of this state are now eligible to apply for them to be sent to another State that will not pose a risk to their life. Some of the northern states that are considered to be security risk areas include: Borno, Adamawa, Yobe, Gombe and others.



How To Apply for NYSC Relocation

This section of this article will expose you on how to apply for NYSC Relocation or Redeployment.

  • You are required to fill a form for relocation which is given on request to a Corp member by the body of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).
  • You are also required to attach the required documents to the form which varies with reasons for redeployment.
  • When the form will be available for collection will be announced by the body.
  • Lastly, Fill the Form Carefully and apply through the Appropriate body and or Channel.

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